3 key strategies for business success in 1400

2021/12/30 8:04 pm

1- Corona and change engineering in business

The great lesson that the Corona crisis taught us was that any business that is not online could be shut down and have a turnover due to anything like Corona. In addition to Corona, thousands of other crises threaten offline businesses, so you, as a webmaster, web site owner, or smart freelancer, can move your business online this year, boosting your business. Be your own work. Employers who have face-to-face businesses can focus on online business. They can actually do their business online.

Currently, more than 15,000 online stores are hosted on the Fa-hosting platform and are never shut down due to issues such as Corona, and are growing day by day.

2- Business prosperity in the face of international sanctions

The lesson that the international sanctions taught us and the problems that it created in the lives of the people of the society was that we should eliminate the dependence on the products and services of other countries by relying on our domestic capabilities and science.

  • Eliminate dependencies as much as possible.
  • Let us have our own style, science and ideas.
  • Like the countries of the first world, let us solve the problems radically.

Fa host has also made changes in the field of web hosting for the past 4 years and based on its science and knowledge has established and strengthened the web hosting infrastructure in the country without the need for any external factors. We suggest you watch the unveiling video of the Fa-hosted cloud project equipment.

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