How to open external links in a new page?

2023/04/27 2:56 pm

In the articles, sometimes we come across links on the page that by clicking on them, we are transferred to a new page and see a new article. In fact, it should be said that the link is opened on a new page so that we don’t lose the previous page. Do you want to open external links in a new browser window or tab? Opening external links in a new window allows your users to visit another link without leaving your website. This leads to more user engagement as they spend more time on your site. In this post, we will show you how to enable external links to open in a new page.

Open external links in a new page

External links are links to websites that you do not own. Normally, if you add a link to an external website, your visitors will simply click on the link and leave your site. While some experts say that you should not open external links in a new window or tab! But we do not agree with this story.

Most users easily forget the last website they visited. If clicking a link takes them from your website to a new site, they may never come back. For a better user experience, we recommend opening external links in a new page or a new tab. In this way, the main page of the web is not destroyed and users can resume viewing the site by moving again.

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