Our Team Skills

Metadiv is a group of website designers and developers focusing on the WordPress platform. Our mission at Metadiv is to create unique and professional web experiences for our customers. Leveraging its knowledge and creative expertise, Metadiv is constantly looking for innovative and optimized solutions to create unique and powerful websites. Metadiv is a subsidiary of Frangrandishan, a leading company in the field of information technology and digital services. If you are looking for a professional and creative group to design and develop your website, contact Metadiv and choose us to start your project. We will be with you to create the best result for your goals.


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Team Work

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Our Team Experiences

Designing more than 100 sites for clients

We at Metadiv team have launched websites by providing various organizational and personal solutions to small and large organizations and businesses in order to make a part of sales online and use the capacities available on the Internet so that we can To increase the sales process and introduce the products of our dear customers.

Holding more than 10 training courses

By recruiting trainees through recruitment platforms, Metadiv provides 13 training courses on website design, user interface, and React Js and php programming and other skills in this collection, in addition to creating knowledge for young people. Dear, we have added to take an effective step in the direction of entrepreneurship and employment matters.

Cooperation with more than 10 industrial complexes

The Metadiv team, the leader in the IT and artificial intelligence industry, can be present as your technical accelerator in your business with the cooperation of collections, this option is a great option for start-up businesses that need an accelerator for their growth. It is reliable and good, we can support your business in different sectors through our technical knowledge and human power, so that you can achieve income.